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Utaban, I miss you! TT

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I finally finished Orange is the New Black. 10 out of 10. Round of applause. Can I just take it, put it on a shelf and bring it out whenever I need to tell anyone “Here is a lesson in how to make television”.

Arashi flailing like an octopus

Arashi flailing like an octopus

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Okay can we just talk about how great Abbott and Cho were in this episode, like i mean →


Look at their faces when Libon throws a drink on Jane


Abbott’s ready to get drunk and Cho’s, well Cho.

Then there’s the hilarious moment when Abbott realizes how oblivious Cho is to Jisbon


Abbott’s like, really, really?? 6 years and 100’s of cases and you notice nothing??? really??

Mentalist finale OST →

This is the song I hear in my head when I watch them kissing. PERFECTION.

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I’m sorry but all I can think about is next season and the stolen kisses during cases and after long cases them going home together and him holding her close when she gets hurt on cases and she getting jealous when women hit on him and her coming out of nowhere and linking their arms together and…


sakurai x leather

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Very spot on observation.